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Guido Busca


Name                                         Busca, Guido
Sex:                                            Male   
Date and place of birth:             August 13, 1953, Milano, Italy.

Present occupation:

 Full Professor of Industrial and Technological Chemistry,

 Director of the Department of Civil, Chemical and 

 Environmental Engineering (DICCA)      

 The University of Genova


 Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, 

 DICCA, The University, Via Opera Pia 15, I-16145, GENOVA Italy  

e-mail address: 

Education and Career

M. Sc. (Laurea)                        

 7.7.1977, University of Milano, Chemistry,                                           110/110 cum laude  

Assistant Professor                    1982, University of Bologna, Engineering Faculty, Organic Chemistry   
Associated Professor                 1988, University of Genova, Engineering Faculty, Chemistry  
Full Professor        2000, University of Genova, Engineering Faculty, Chemistry  

2004, University of Genova, Engineering Faculty,

 Industrial and Technological Chemistry

Professional Experience

1977-1982                                Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Genova.  


 Researcher, Stazione Sperimentale per I Combustibili, Milano


 Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, 

 The University of Bologna  


 Associated Professor of Chemistry, The University of Genova


 Full Professor of Chemistry,The University of Genova  


 Full Professor of Industrial and Technological Chemistry, 

 The University of Genova


 Coordinator of the Ph.D. School in Chemistry for Engineering, 

  The University of Genova  

2000-2002      Coordinator of the Italian Catalysis Group  
2004            Chairman of the Italian Catalysis Congress  

 Member of the board of the  Doctorate School in 

 Science and Technology  of Chemistry and Materials,

 The University of Genova  


Chairman of the 6th World Congress on Acid and Base Catalysis


Chairman of Teaching Courses in Chemical Engineering

The University of Genova  


Co-chairman VII International Symposium on Group Five Elements

2017 Co-chairman Scientific Commettee Europacat7
2016-2018 Member of the jury for National Scientific Habilitation - Chemical plants and processes 

Coordinator of the Ph.D. School in Civil, Chemical and 

Environmental Engineering,   The University of Genova

2018-2021 Director of DICCA
2019-present Expert member of Consiglio Superiore del Lavori Pubblici.
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ResearcherID A-1095-2008

Scopus Author ID 7102925791


Heterogeneous Catalytic Materials, Elsevier, 2014, 478 pages

ISBN 9780444595249; e-book ISBN 9780444595218

edited books chapters  7
published full papers 450 
citations  30500; > 26000 excluding self-citations of all authors (scopus 22.05.2020) 
h index (Hirsch index), 22.05.2020

89 Google scholar

88 Scopus databank, see most cited papers here

82 Scopus selfcitations excluded 

.Scientific disciplines 

(Scopus databank 22.05.2020)

Chermical Engineering / Engineering / Energy  341 papers, h index 78, 21150 citations
Chemistry 316 papers, h index 74, 18000 citations
Materials Science 125 papers, h index 42, 4860 citations
Physics 111 papers, h index 40, 5260 citations
i10 (number of publications  receiving more than 10 citations) 392 overall, 249 from 2015 (Google scholar 22.05.2020)
published communications to international congresses   ca 400 

Tutor of 17 Ph.D. theses and of 75  Laurea theses since 1996.


English, French, Spanish and Italian  

Professional Interests

Heterogeneous catalysis, adsorption, solid state chemistry, industrial organic chemistry, spectroscopy.